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Saturday, July 11, 2020 Auction Terms and Conditions
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Next Auction is scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2020.  Registration opens at 9:00 AM, Bidding starts at 10:00 AM.  Online Maximum Bids will be accepted from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM the Thursday and Friday before the auction.  Approximately 60-80 vehicles will be for sale.  Vehicles should be posted by Wednesday, July 8, 2020.   Any questions, please call or email AUCTIONS@MILNETOWING.COM. Thank you. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the following mandatory rules apply:
  • Limit group size
  • Stay in you your group
  • 6 FT Social Distancing Space Required
  • Facemasks Required
  • 1 person allowed in office at any given time for vehicle payment after the auction
  • If these rules cannot be maintained, then the auction will be suspended and moved to online only and scheduled for next Saturday.
  • No Registration Fee Required
  • Online and phone maximum bids have been placed. No additional maximum bids will be taken online.
If you are the winning bidder and wish to conduct business online, send  the following info to 1.Name and Vehicle you think you won 2.Picture of ID or Drivers License for title information 3.Contact Phone Number BIDDER AGREEMENT AS IS, WHERE IS:  Bidders are responsible for closely inspecting each item.  Buyer understands the he/she is buying the property entirely upon his/her own examination or opinion and should inspect the item carefully before bidding.  Each lot is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” and with all faults and defects.  Neither Milne, its employees, nor the auctioneer make any guarantee or warranty expressed or implied as to, but not limited to, conformity to any safety design, pollution standard, law, regulation, fitness for any particular purpose, authenticity, merchantability, age, year of manufacture, model, serial or other numbers, condition or mileage.  Each sale is made “AS IS, WHERE IS”  and “at buyers’ risk”. All sales are final, no refund or returns.  The buyer shall pay all costs of any repairs, loading and removal, and be responsible for all damages incurred as a result of loading and removal.  In addition, Bidder is aware that any lot sold has the possibility of being categorized as a Salvage vehicle according to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), before or after the sale date, without prior notice or warning.  Milne makes every effort to maintain an updated vehicle title condition list prior to the auction but cannot be held responsible or liable for delays in processing by NMVTIS for Salvage vehicle updates that occur after the publication of our auction list.  Due to the enormous variation in situations and paperwork requirements, Bidder should not invest money or resources into vehicle until an actual NV state title is in hand.  Milne shall not be liable for lost investments if a problem/delay occurs with Title issuance. PAYMENT:  CASH, DEBIT or CREDIT card with photo ID.  Local Sales Tax applies to all purchases and must be collected at the time of sale unless Bidder presents a valid resale certificate.  Milne has keys made for certain vehicles as it sees fit.  The price for the key is noted on the vehicle list.  Bidder is also responsible for cost of taxes and keys , if any.  Note that Buyer is usually purchasing Milne’s lien on the vehicle and the lien packet must be presented to Nevada DMV in exchange for a Nevada Title.  If there is a problem with lien paperwork Milne will attempt to help with DMV, but if no title can be obtained Milne’s liability shall be limited to the actual purchase price of the vehicle, keys and tax.  Milne reserves the right to bid on all vehicles and accept or reject any bid or refuse admittance to any bidder, for any reason, at its sole discretion without notice. REMOVAL OF VEHICLES:  Bidder may remove his/her vehicle(s) after full payment is made at the end of the auction.  All vehicles must be removed from the auction site within 1 week, unless Milne Towing Services is performing the retow.  Buyers bid and payments made are forfeit if payment or other arrangements are not made by this deadline.  The winning bidder becomes the vehicles’ authorized agent in the interim period before a new NV title is processed.  If winning bidder requests his/her vehicle(s) to be placed on any public street near the auction site and a Police Agency notices the vehicle(s) for any reason, this signed agreement serves as your specific authorization for Milne Personnel to act as your authorized agent to impound the vehicle(s) at your expense at tariff rates and begin the lien process. Milne Towing Services may reject any bid for any reason. Milne Towing Services has the right to refuse the highest bid if it is significantly below its perceived market value and may do with the vehicle as it sees fit, including but not limited to holding for the next auction.  If an error is made, Milne Towing Services will attempt to resolve such error.  If that is not possible or feasible, Milne Towing Services will remove the vehicle from the auction and inform all appropriate people. In placing a bid, you acknowledge this agreement, and you certify that: I HAVE READ, I UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ABOVE.  
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