• Private Property Agreements

    This agreement authorizes Milne Towing Services to impound specific vehicles requested by an authorized agent. The authorized agents of the property are as follows:
    Applies to Active Private Property Towing Services Agreement. Tenants or lessees with a clearly assigned and marked parking space may request an impound for a vehicle parked in their assigned parking space.
    This agreement authorizes Milne Towing Services’ personnel to tag vehicles for property violations. Tagging services are requested at the selected intervals:
  • Tagging Requirements: Vehicles parked on private property classified as a residential complex usually require tagging to be completed 48 hours prior to impound, unless the vehicle’s violation meets certain conditions.
    Impounds will only occur after a request for the vehicle in violation is made.

  • This agreement authorizes Milne Towing Services to impound any vehicle in violation of the selected violations:

    Disposal Fee Assessment: Some vehicles may require a disposal fee before impoundment will occur. Most older motor homes, trailers, and other vehicles with significant garbage, missing components or missing wheels/tires qualify. If you are unsure if a vehicle falls under this requirement, or if you are requesting a quote, send pictures to dispatch@milnetowing.com
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