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Registered Owner Vehicle Release to Authorized Agent

All fields required. This letter serves as official notice to Milne Towing Services that I, identified in the “Registered Owner” box below:
Release my vehicle, identified in the “Vehicle To Be Released” box below:
To my authorized agent, identified in the “Authorized Agent” box below:
I, the registered owner listed above, fully approve my authorized agent listed above, to act in my interest and perform every action needed to remove my vehicle, listed above, from impound at Milne Towing Services. I understand that this authorization includes, but is not limited to, paying Milne Towing Services impound charges and physically removing the vehicle from Milne Towing Services’ yard. If the vehicle is unable to be moved with its own power, the authorized agent will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to an approved location.

Furthermore, I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Milne Towing Services from any and all liability which may arise by reason of any contest of the validity of this Registered Owner Vehicle Release to Authorized Agent, or the actions taken by my listed Authorized Agent.
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