• NV Residential Complex Impound Authorization

    Milne Towing Services is hereby authorized and directed to remove, tow, and impound the vehicle listed below for a violation of this private property’s parking rules, regulations, and/or property rights.

    Exemptions To Tagging Are:
    • vehicle Is A Health, Safety, Or Welfare Concern
    • vehicle Parked In A Fire Lane, Blocking A Fire Hydrant
    • vehicle Parked In A Handicapped Space Without Placard Displayed
    • vehicle Is Blocking/interfering The Entrance Or Exit To The Property
    • vehicle Has 3 Or More Property Violations In The Last 3 Months
    • vehicle Was Previously Tagged For The Same Or Similar Reason
    • tenant Authorized Or Marked Parking Space Violation
  • *Asterisks denotes a required field. Information provided in this form is kept confidential in accordance with NAC 706.4275.